Togoshi-Ginza Celtic Festival


戸越銀座ケルト祭 路上ケーリー

戸越銀座ケルト祭 路上ケーリー 参加・協力ダンサー大募集!
Dancers Wanted for Street Céilí in “Tohoshi-Ginza Celt Matsuri”! (*English follows Japanese)








On 11/3(Fri)*Bank holiday, “The Street Céilí” will be held as a part of the event “Togoshi-Ginza Celt Matsuri” at the Togoshi-Ginza Shopping Street.
At this event, we are planning to gather as many dancers as we can, and try some kind of ceili dance just like they do in Ireland at festivals or parties.

Of cause you can join in the dance workshops without entry, we’d like to gather some experienced dancers beforehand in order to have volunteers to help us to carry out the event.

◆Dancers should come to Togoshi-Ginza Shopping Street on 11/3 by themselves (dancers will be needed during approx 13:00~17:30)
◆Dancers should have danced Set Dancing or Ceili Dancing before (regardless of level or group)
◆Age: 18 and over (If you are under 18, You don’ t need to entry. Join dancing at the event! )
◆Dancers from CCE Japan are cooperating to this event on a voluntary basis

Please entry from This form if you’re interested in this event.
We will get back to you once the details are fixed and you may be able to help us before the event.

Contact Us for further information!

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